deriveaddresses "descriptor" ( range )

Derives one or more addresses corresponding to an output descriptor.

Examples of output descriptors are:

pkh(<pubkey>) P2PKH outputs for the given pubkey wpkh(<pubkey>) Native segwit P2PKH outputs for the given pubkey sh(multi(<n>,<pubkey>,<pubkey>,…)) P2SH-multisig outputs for the given threshold and pubkeys raw(<hex script>) Outputs whose scriptPubKey equals the specified hex scripts

In the above, <pubkey> either refers to a fixed public key in hexadecimal notation, or to an xpub/xprv optionally followed by one or more path elements separated by “/”, where “h” represents a hardened child key.

For more information on output descriptors, see the documentation in the doc/ file.

Argument #1 - descriptor

Type: string, required

The descriptor.

Argument #2 - range

Type: numeric or array, optional

If a ranged descriptor is used, this specifies the end or the range (in [begin,end] notation) to derive.


[           (json array)
  "str",    (string) the derived addresses


First three native segwit receive addresses:

bdtcoin-cli deriveaddresses "wpkh([d34db33f/84h/0h/0h]xpub6DJ2dNUysrn5Vt36jH2KLBT2i1auw1tTSSomg8PhqNiUtx8QX2SvC9nrHu81fT41fvDUnhMjEzQgXnQjKEu3oaqMSzhSrHMxyyoEAmUHQbY/0/*)#cjjspncu" "[0,2]"